We shop multiple carriers and look at different options for savings. Our goal is to make the process of shopping for insurance as smooth and easy as possible so you can enjoy the savings and time for other important things.


Homeowner’s coverage doesn’t have to be difficult to understand. A basic

Homeowners Insurance Policy will cover the following:

  • The structure of your home

  •  Replacement costs

  •  Personal possessions (up to a set limit)

  • Living expenses in case of a disaster

  • Liability
    You can also add supplemental policies such as:

  •  Valuable Articles/Floater policies

  •          (i.e. Jewelry Insurance)

  •  Flood policies

  •  Umbrella policies (additional liability


The insurance protection you need when you’re on the move:

  • Auto Insurance – Get the right insurance coverage for your car, truck, van or

        other vehicles.

  • Motorcycle Insurance – Ride safe and insure your motorcycle.

  • ATV and Motorsport Insurance – Insurance policies that cover all your toys.

  • Classic Car Insurance – Your classic car is an icon. Insure it well.

  • RV and Mobile Home Insurance – Home insurance for your home-on-the-road.

  • Boat and Watercraft Insurance – Insurance coverage for the captain of the ship.


Here are some commercial insurance that a business should look into:

  • Professional liability insurance. 

  • Property insurance.

  • Workers' compensation insurance.

  • Home-based businesses.

  • Product liability insurance. 

  • Vehicle insurance. 

  • Business interruption insurance.